Acupuncture Cupping

Acupuncture has been around for over one thousand years and we suspect that it goes back as far as two thousand years. It is the practice of using very thin needles to break the skin and in some cases penetrate the tissues of the body. This form of medicine is now practiced worldwide and accepted as effective. Most types of pain respond well to acupuncture. Hormonal conditions respond surprisingly well including related headaches and menstrual issues. Addictions are cured using acupuncture including smoking, drug use and appetite control. It is very effective for a wide range of headaches including many types of migraines.  Sinus conditions including allergies or even asthma respond well to acupuncture.

Cupping is a therapy that is also a part of traditional Chinese medicine. It has also been used in healing in other cultures for many years. It involves creating suction on the skin and superficial tissues. The suction can be left in place or moved around as a massage. It brings blood and fluids to the surface and people find it pleasant and therapeutic. It can leave tell tale marks for up to ten days after the treatment and many Hollywood movie stars enjoy these treatments. Sometimes you can see the cupping marks on their backs in photographs.